About Us

Midland Chemicals Middle East LLC (Midchem Specialty) is a subsidiary of Midland Chemicals U.K and has been in the Middle East since 2001 operating through a local trading company under manufacturing license providing technical knowhow. In the middle of 2014, we have built our own dedicated state of the art production plant to cater our customers in the Food,Beverage and Institutional sector.

The sole purpose for our presence here is to cater the region with high quality, innovative products, cost-effectively. The region is served by multinationals, who in pursuit of higher profitability fail to address local needs and circumstances. They offer standard products developed for foreign markets often not considering local climatic conditions or water properties. Midland Chemicals since 2001 has manufactured all their cleaning and hygiene chemicals specifically for the needs of the Middle East region and all their products are specific to this region showing our commitment to this market.

Certification and Approvals

Midland Chemicals Middle East LLC is an accredited company and has extensive OEM approvals for the products. Ring us today for a free audit and add value to your business.

ISO 9001-2008 Quality System Management

ISO 14001- 2004 Environmental Management System

ISO 18001-2007
Occupational, Health & Safety Management System